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Dental veneers are customized, thin, and long-lasting porcelain shells that cover the front surface of a tooth. They can effectively enhance the look of teeth that have chips, cracks, or stains, as well as rectify minor misalignments or irregular shapes. Additionally, veneers are capable of closing small gaps between teeth. For those seeking a natural-looking

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Bailey family dental, dentures, heartland dentists

Dental Implants

IMPLANTS If you’ve experienced oral health issues due to an injury or disease, don’t worry – there are solutions available to help you regain your beautiful smile. Dental implants are a popular choice for those who have lost teeth, as they provide a natural-looking and long-lasting replacement option. Whether you need to replace one tooth

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EXTRACTIONS Preserving natural teeth is a priority for dentists; however, in some cases, extraction may be necessary. The type of extraction procedure required will depend on the extent of damage to the tooth: Simple extraction: Local anesthesia is applied or injected into the extraction site to numb the area. This procedure is performed on visible

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