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Our Approach to Children's Dentistry

Are you searching for a children’s dentist in Lake Country? You’ve come to the right place. Our experienced dentists and team are kind, gentle, and equipped to treat children of all ages, including infants, young children, and teenagers. Our goal is to make each visit to our office an enjoyable experience that encourages a positive and long-lasting relationship with their dentist.

We offer convenient scheduling options that allow you to book appointments for one child or the entire family at once, making it easy for you to quickly receive the care you need and move on with your daily lives.


Dental Care for Our Youngest Patients

Cleaning and Exams

Our goal is to ensure that your child's cleaning and exam appointment is a pleasant and comfortable experience. We will:

  • Heartland Children's Dentist, dentist, heartland, pediatric dentistsGently clean the plaque and tartar from their teeth
  • Take necessary cavity-detecting x-rays and panoramic x-rays to evaluate their developing and unerupted teeth
  • Encourage and teach your child tooth-brushing and flossing skills
  • Place sealants to prevent decay
  • Examine their teeth for cavities, crowding, bite, and airway issues
  • Examine their gums and oral tissues for infection or trauma
  • Explain treatment recommendations to parents/guardians and answer any questions

Infant Visits

Bailey Family Dental recommends, and so does the American Dental Association, that your baby has their first dental visit by their first birthday, and every 6 months thereafter to start your child on a path of good oral health.

Heartland Children's Dentist, dentist, heartland, pediatric dentistsDr. Terese will examine your baby’s teeth and gums, give you tips on how to brush your child’s teeth at home, go over nutrition recommendations, and talk about issues that will affect your child’s oral health. These early visits also familiarize your infant and toddler with their “dental home” so they would feel more comfortable coming to a familiar place for care if they were to injure their mouth.



Heartland Children's Dentist, dentist, heartland, pediatric dentists, fillings, cavitiesWhile preventing cavities and disease is our primary concern, we are always prepared to address any issues promptly and with the utmost comfort. To make your child's experience comfortable, we offer a movie of their choice, laughing gas, utilize the Dental Vibe, a warm blanket and treat them to a toy from the treasure box, kiddie manicure and temporary tattoos.

Protective Sealants

Heartland Children's Dentist, dentist, heartland, pediatric dentistsDental sealants are a preventative measure against tooth decay. The sealants fill in the grooves on the chewing surface of teeth, protecting them from food and the bacteria that cause cavities. The earlier your child receives them, the more beneficial they will be.



Heartland Children's Dentist, dentist, heartland, pediatric dentists, mouth guardsDoes your child play contact sports such as football, soccer, basketball, or hockey regularly? These sports can result in chipped and cracked teeth. To safeguard teeth, a custom-fit mouthguard is a great solution.


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